Our work consists of several stages of the most important are: The removal of the car, the clearance of the vehicle, disassembly and demolition of parts
No less important is the administrative formalities (if you want to learn more, view the Demolition section).

Removal of the car

We are beginning our "adventure" Once our office has granted 'permission to retire we can go get the vehicle to be scrapped; the vehicle at the time when we get it already is considered as "waste". A waste that does not yet having been quenched and is also dangerous because it contains flammable liquids (gasoline and oil) and even corrosive elements (such as acids contained in batteries) for this route shall be permitted in vehicles, in particular, our company has a tow truck, usually used to go and pick up in private cars, scooters or withdraw.

And of a car transporter, a very large truck for the transport of specific vehicles, that is equipped with loading and unloading suitable to the load that must support as well as a rear ramp lowerable which allows to perform quickly both load and unloading of vehicles

Clearance of vehicle

The clearence of vehicle consist in the clean of pollutant; it' s also called safety measures, and consists primarily of taking the car substances that may be harmful to the' man and the ambience. As soon as the car is brought to the station for cleaning the battery is removed and stored carefully in a suitable container to avoid any off-releases of corrosive liquid. Then we work in the drainage of fluids (such as gasoline, oil, coolant, washer fluid, cooling fluid) that are drawn through the 'use of drillers and stored in special tanks, entire operation is structured so that the 'operator does not touch and do not inhale the liquid leaking from car
This is followed by separation of heavy materials as the 'whole process is designed to recycle the largest amount of material so we separate the mufflers, tires, glass, plastics, packaging mixed (as wood, fiberglass, carpet) and' aluminum, when the vehicle is free of hazardous components can take the next step

Disassembly of Parts

Now we are faced with a car is cleaned up and almost devoid of hazards, here comes the role of the warehouse and our software, we suggest that such parts can be disassembled and taken to the sales, finally parts are then removed, tested, cleaned and cataloged by our warehouse staff


The car is entered without fluids and heavy metals in our press machine, which performs an automated action called "Volumetric Adaptation" carcasses shall be reduced to that of the cubes and stored while waiting for the "parcel" (as they are called small cars cubes) are removed from the steelworks