We pick up even at home wrecks means authorized and registered as waste disposers, have vehicles to suit any situation, mountainous areas and adverse weather conditions; withdraw in a day taking care of the practices of radiation to the PRA : For this purpose we use a computer system that allows us in a short time to free the owner from any responsibility. Our business philosophy prevents us from relying on external agencies, as we want to be the 'single point of reference for the customer

By the Italian law, the vehicle must be delivered intact, not disassembled and without additional waste (no matter if it crashed or burned), then the only costs that the owner has to have the costs of radiation and transport; disposal is on us (DL 209/03 art. 5, paragraph 2).
As if the vehicle is not complete or contains additional waste, demolition will be carried out only after an additional cost burden borne by the customer that varies from case to case depending on the conditions of the vehicle, as provided by law (DL 209/03 Article. 5, paragraph 5)

The means at our disposal allow us to ensure EXPEDITE WITHDRAWAL, often in a day, do not hesitate to fill out forms on the left for more information

The demolition is primarily regulated by two laws
the Legislative Decree 209/03 and subsequent modifications and / or additions regulates the demolition of vehicles of category M1 (vehicles for the transport of persons), and N1 (vehicles for transporting goods with a maximum weight not exceeding 3500 kg)
the D.L. 152/06 and subsequent modifications and / or additions to regulate the demolition of all other vehicles such as trailers, trucks, buses, mopeds, motorcycles, etc. ...
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 Scrapping a car, motorcycle or three-wheeler
 Scrap a moped

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